Hello, my name is Romet Loodus and I design high quality web banner ads and other graphics. I have received a lot of positive feedback for delivering high quality results very quickly. You can check out my oDesk profile to see some of the feedback.

When you order a banner ad, you can usually expect the main draft to be ready within 24 hours (I follow the first come, first served rule, unless you pay extra for faster work). If you ordered a set of ads in different sizes, then I will wait for you to approve the first draft (main design), before proceeding with the other sizes.


You can place an order right now through the Order page, but if you need several banners or some other graphics, then you can send me an e-mail through the Contact page and (depending on the order size) I may be able to offer you a discount. The average banner price is around 30 USD and you can see the full price list on the Order page.

When you are ordering banner ads, then you could also mention your color, photo and text preferences, but usually
I just try to somewhat match the client's website style
in order to reinforce their brand image.